Our Business Model is.. Lowering Cost; Maintaining Performance

Acceletronics offers a comprehensive array of support services for your oncology equipment with a team of highly trained and experienced field service engineers.  Delivering high quality, dependable on-site service for the latest model linear accelerators, CT simulators, networking, oncology information systems and ancillary equipment, the Acceletronics team takes expert care of your oncology equipment, providing one responsible company for all your service needs.  Linear Accelerators and CT Scanners are complex and expensive machines to own and manufacturers typically charge a maintenance contract price based on a percentage of the inflated purchase price.  At Acceletronics, we don’t believe ownership cost should be based on an ‘industry standard’ % of escalating costs of capital purchase list price.




Instead we have MORE Focus on delivering CUSTOMER VALUE by pricing based on our cost with:CT Service

How are we different?looking at options

Services include: in-house engineer support

 Acceletronics - we're there when you need us.


 we're there when you need us

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