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"Acceletronics is dedicated to providing very thorough preventative maintenance and permanent fixes to several of our linear accelerators, instead of those band-aid fixes. Acceletronics engineers are well trained and very knowledgeable in Varian products ranging from the 21EX, Trilogy, iX to TrueBeam. What I like most about Acceletronics is they have excellent communication, great professionalism, excellent customer relations and quick responses. Most of all they find the root cause of problems! Most recently Acceletronics has provided quality support to our newest machine, a Varian TrueBeam. Our TrueBeam had a list of issues when they took it on. Acceletronics took the time to identify, correct all problems, and maintain our TrueBeam to high performance standards. Our TrueBeam is running well with little to no downtime so we are able to provide excellent patient service.

I would highly recommend any other TrueBeam owners contact Acceletronics, as they provide excellent service."

Anita Stolaruk, Director of Oncology, Hickman Cancer Center, Sylvania, OH

Greetings from Bob Duerkes. The Acceletronics team did an outstanding job in the relocation of our Elekta Synergy XVI accelerator from our BAO office to our LWF office. They came in within our budget guidelines and performed the work in an efficient manner. We were able to complete acceptance of the accelerator at its relocated site within a month of signing the agreement to do the work, actually a whole week ahead of schedule. We are very pleased with the excellent work done by Acceletronics, and would highly recommend them to anyone who needs a remarkably trained team to do exceptional work at an affordable price. Thank you again, Bob.

Robert J Duerkes, 21st Century Oncology, Inc.

“Austin Cancer Centers opened a new satellite office last year and decided to purchase a quality pre-owned linear accelerator from Acceletronics. The unit was a modern model equipped with Image Guided Therapy capability and Volumetric Arc Therapy. Acceletronics sourced the equipment and de-installed the equipment, arranging for international transportation and reinstallation in our facility. The machine was professionally reinstalled to meet our expected timeline and has operated reliably during a warranty period. Acceletronics engineers have been thorough and knowledgeable in addressing any maintenance required .I would have no hesitation in recommending Acceletronics to any clinic wishing to obtain excellent quality and value.”

Keven O. Khadivi, Ph.D., D.ABMP, Director of Medical Physics and Dosimetry at Austin Cancer Centers

“We have had a working relationship with Acceletronics for approximately 15 years. We have never second guessed our decision to move away from the manufacturer’s service provider to our third party vendor Acceletronics. With our systems mandate to be as sustainable as possible, Acceletronics has helped us to meet our cost saving goals. There are many reasons that we have had such a long and successful relationship with Acceletronics, but one of the most important is their willingness to work around our hours of operation allowing us to focus on our patients as our number one priority. The availability of their service engineers continues to be excellent.”

Mike Kelly, Director of Oncology, Finley Hospital, Dubuque, IA

“Several years ago, we at Tacoma Radiation chose Acceletronics as the supplier and installer of a pre-owned Varian Linear Accelerator to provide us with the technology we needed to treat our patients at a price point that we could afford. Acceletronics did an excellent job installing a reliable machine in a timely manner, and subsequently their field service engineers have provided great service to maintain all of our linear accelerators. Therefore, it was no surprise that when we needed another pre-owned linear accelerator with Image Guided Radiation Therapy we asked Acceletronics to help us again. Once again, we have been satisfied by the quality of the machine; and, the thoroughness of Acceletronics work provided us with the equipment we needed. We enjoy working with Acceletronics and would heartily recommend anyone wanting excellent quality and value in radiation therapy equipment and field maintenance services to look no further than Acceletronics.”

B. R. Willis, CEO of Tacoma Radiation

“I have been perfectly happy with Acceletronics. We’ve had more consistent PMI’s than ever before and prompt service when our machine has been down. Our biggest issue with Varian service was getting attention to the small issues, those that did not ‘down’ the machine. Thus far, all issues, big and small, are addressed with Acceletronics.”

Michel Huberts, MS, DABR, Medical Physicist with McLaren-Greater Lansing University of MI Health System

“We have been using Acceletronics to service two Varian accelerators, a 2100 and a Trilogy, for the past five years. Service has been done in a timely manner with response to our trouble calls occurring in less than 10 minutes. All service has been carried out with a minimal disruption in patient treatment and preventive maintenance has been carried out after normal treatment hours. The service engineers have been knowledgeable and thorough with very few instances of recurrent problems or incorrectly diagnosed machine problems. We are very pleased with the service we have received from Acceletronics and will continue to use their services.”

Paul Jursinic, Ph.D. Director of Medical Physics, West Michigan Cancer Center

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