IMRT Radiation

Specialist equipment in the medical industry is used in a large number of hospitals and treatment clinics. One type is IMRT radiation equipment. IMRT – that is, intensity modulated radiation therapy – requires high-tech machinery that is used to treat cancer patients. This machinery has the ability to kill cancer cells, using high energy radiation. Currently, it offers moderate success rates, and in the majority of cases is does, at the very least, slow the growth of a cancer tumor. High levels of research and development in the field of cancer treatment are constantly allowing improvements to be made, meaning treatment is becoming more effective in the 21st century.

Many of these improvements involve developments in the design of IMRT radiation equipment. This means new machine models are regularly being made available in the market. It is vital that these new models are utilized in order for more patients to be able to take advantage of the latest technology.

One IMRT radiation equipment supplier that considers providing the latest machine models to be of vital importance is Acceletronics. Acceletronics is a company based in the United States of America that specialized in supplying high-tech radiography equipment along with other machines and parts. It offers a range of brand new equipment pieces, allowing medical establishments to purchase them at very reasonable prices. Acceletronics also sells refurbished equipment, giving the option for customers to lower their costs.

Many of America’s top medical and industrial institutions have contracts with Acceletronics, as the company is a leader in its field. The fantastic products they offer are complimented by a range of installation, maintenance and customer support services. Acceletronics distribute their products across the USA, as well as supplying to a number of locations across the world. The company’s first class reputation has lead to it achieving a large portfolio of repeat clients from both home and abroad.

Acceletronics has a partnership with Radiation Oncology Systems incorporated, allowing it to provide an extensive selection of pre-owned radiography equipment. All of these machines are refurbished by a team of highly trained technicians at Acceletronics before sale, making sure they are in like-new condition. These systems also come with an extended warrantee, so customers are covered if anything does go wrong.

As well as supplying IMRT equipment products, Acceletronics offers a variety of related services. One of these is system installation: a group of installation specialists can install machinery such as linear accelerators into hospitals and clinics. This professional service is highly recommended. Equipment relocations are also offered – these are useful to customers moving to a new facility. It is important systems are uninstalled and reinstalled in the correct manner to ensure they are not damaged. Acceletronics can also provide the necessary transport in the majority of cases. Physics support is provided for equipment calibration and acceptance testing. Acceletronics provides both excellent services and good quality IMRT radiation products. All medical establishments would benefit from a contract with the company.

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