Purchasing a Preowned Linear Accelerator – Great Quality at a Lower Cost

It can be difficult to choose the medical equipment necessary for your facility while trying to stay on budget. Many radiation oncology centers struggle with the decision to purchase a new system versus a preowned, refurbished linear accelerator. Most would prefer new medical equipment because of the updated technology and advanced features. However, due to factors such as economics, acquiring new equipment may not be a reasonable option. And, used and refurbished medical equipment does not always mean out of date technology. There is a lot of renovated medical equipment available, allowing buyers the ability to receive up-to-date technology at a much lower cost.

Starting a New Practice/Facility

Purchasing used or refurbished medical equipment may be an excellent option for new clinics since they may not have the start-up capital for new products. If treatments are given to fewer patients (less than 8 to 10 uses in a day), then machine use is considered low. This allows a business to start building up a revenue base for the practice. Afterward, a facility may decide to buy newer equipment and continue to operate both older and newer equipment simultaneously.

Having a Backup/Relocation Plan

Many medical centers perform the majority of their treatments using one, newer system and save the elder machine as a backup. This alternative allows doctors to continue treatment with their patients as prescribed and helps to keep the daily schedule running without delays. The process of replacing or supplementing a linear accelerator can be extremely cumbersome, lasting 3 to 4 weeks in some cases. The long delay in treatment can be detrimental to patients who depend on it for a cure. To prevent this possible situation from occurring, be proactive and consider purchasing a nearly identical, used linear accelerator and installing it in another location. Once the new center is operational, you can remove and resell the original machine. This will help ensure that no disruption in patient care occurs and offers a smooth transition in relocating major medical equipment. 

Room for Improvements

Purchasing a used linear accelerator will give your facility more room to grow and allow for cost-savings benefits. Many machines can receive upgrades later during their life since most original manufacturers or third-party companies offer upgradeable options for used equipment models. If the software is more critical to your clinic than hardware, this route can be cost-effective since software is typically more expensive. Keep in mind that all medical centers have their own specific needs and requirements, thus the wide range of available medical equipment options.

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