Trained Personnel Needed for Arrival of New Equipment

New Zealand Government officials have made promises to invest in 12 new radiation machines to be installed during the next 3 years has many people excited for treatment to become more readily accessible to so many more patients than given before in many areas. In the past, individuals have had to turn down treatments due to long distances for therapy and could not afford to be away from home sometimes for 4 to 6 weeks or not always being able to get the correct amount of procedures with issues driving back and forth. So far, their plan sounds so smooth but one problem that remains is still very concerning. Who will run and maintain all these new linear accelerators? In the article, they discuss further details on this situation and have started plans for this concern earlier this year. As stated, this installation period will take place over 3 years which will allow sufficient time to solve this problem and better equip the country with the cancer treatment that it truly needs.

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