Radiotherapy Breakthrough with Elekta Introduction in North and Mexico

Until now, radiation therapy was stunted in North America and Mexico, with C-RAD disallowing Elekta’s Versa HD to work within its own ecosystem of products. Now, the company has shifted its focus and thus has granted Elekta to C-RAD technology to its client base. The company uses surface image-guided radiation therapy technology as a non-invasive method of treating functional abnormalities and small tumors in the brain. Similar technology is also available for the body.

                This is a big benefit for the industry, as the Versa HD is a strong ally in the medical and cancer fields, mostly due to its ability to treat all parts and organs in the body. In an act of futureproofing, the device is capable of extending its value with equipped respiratory motion management to better help clinicians to understand the needs and wants of patients. According to the article in HealthCareBusiness, the priority of the company is “always to provide a high level of patient safety and comfort while ensuring an efficient and seamless workflow for clinicians with the greatest degree of confidence”, and with the technology of Elekta’s suite of products properly incorporated with C-RAD’s own, such confidence can only get better over time.

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