Part Spotlight: What is a Hydraulic Actuator?

Radparts October specials include a $50 price reduction on hydraulic actuators, which is a great savings! However, what is a hydraulic actuator and how does it work? Learn from Radparts, the experts in linear accelerator replacement parts.

By definition, a hydraulic actuator is a cylinder or fluid motor that converts hydraulic power into useful mechanical work; mechanical motion produced by a hydraulic actuator may be linear, rotary or oscillatory.

Hydraulic actuators have the capability for high outputs of force; these linear accelerator replacement parts produce high power per unit of weight and volume measurement with good mechanical stiffness and high dynamic response. Why are these attributes beneficial or valuable? These features lead to higher precision control, and in heavy-duty machinery such as a Varian linear accelerator, high precision is not only desirable but also highly necessary. The cylinder shape of the actuator arm along with fixed, straight-line motion ensures this accuracy.

Cylinder actuators provide a fixed length of straight-line motion; basically, a piston moves in and out of a closed cylinder. A port at each end of the cylinder produces and returns hydraulic fluid, which causes the pistons to retract and extend simultaneously.

A hydraulic actuator, in a Varian linear accelerator, are used to open and close the cooling water valve so that the system can maintain it’s 40 degree Celcius operating temperature. This replacement part is one of the many parts that functions to cool down a linac system. Without it, your Varian linear accelerator won’t work properly.

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