Part Spotlight: What is a Hydraulic Actuator?

Varian linear accelerator

Radparts October specials include a $50 price reduction on hydraulic actuators, which is a great savings! However, what is a hydraulic actuator and how does it work? Learn from Radparts, the experts in linear accelerator replacement parts.

By definition, a hydraulic actuator is a cylinder or fluid motor that converts hydraulic power into useful mechanical work; mechanical motion produced by a hydraulic actuator may be linear, rotary or oscillatory.

Hydraulic actuators have the capability for high outputs of force; these linear accelerator replacement parts produce high power per unit of weight and volume measurement with good mechanical stiffness and high dynamic response. Why are these attributes beneficial or valuable? These features lead to higher precision control, and in heavy-duty machinery such as a Varian linear accelerator, high precision is not only desirable but also highly necessary. The cylinder shape of the actuator arm along with fixed, straight-line motion ensures this accuracy.

Cylinder actuators provide a fixed length of straight-line motion; basically, a piston moves in and out of a closed cylinder. A port at each end of the cylinder produces and returns hydraulic fluid, which causes the pistons to retract and extend simultaneously.

A hydraulic actuator, in a Varian linear accelerator, are used to open and close the cooling water valve so that the system can maintain it’s 40 degree Celcius operating temperature. This replacement part is one of the many parts that functions to cool down a linac system. Without it, your Varian linear accelerator won’t work properly.

As the world’s largest independent distributors of OEM replacement parts for Linear Accelerators and Radiation Oncology equipment, Radparts’ mission is to provide high quality, user friendly, low cost parts support for linear accelerators and radiation equipment

To learn more about RadParts and its warehouse inventory of linear accelerator replacement parts or to purchase a hydraulic actuator, visit Email your questions to or call us at 1-877-704-3838.

Happy Customers Rave About Acceletronics Linac Disposal Service

Our linac removal service is quick and efficient. Nobody likes leaving old things lying around, so we make it a top priority to get old linacs removed and disposed of properly. Considering the size and weight of a linear accelerator system, it seems to make sense that linac removal and disposal would be a lengthy and arduous process; not with us!

Recently, we received a service request for linac disposal from Merit Health Biloxi in Biloxi, Mississippi.. Our team of highly trained and experienced service engineers arrived on Friday, August 14 and were able to get the Varian linear accelerator removed and disposed of in a timely and efficient manner. The job was completed on Saturday, August 15, so the job was a total of two days.

“[The Acceletronics] team came down Friday and removed our linear accelerator without a problem. They did a great job and removed it a lot quicker than anticipated.” –Alex Le, Administrative Specialist, Merit Health Biloxi  

Merit Health Biloxi (Biloxi Regional Medical Center) is a 198 bed acute care private facility. Standing at a total of six stories tall, this facility consists of 170,000 square feet with all rooms as private rooms including private showers. To add to the serenity of the center, it has spectacular views of Biloxi and the gulf. The Biloxi Regional Medical Center is proud to continue the tradition of excellent health care, provide the latest and most advanced medical equipment and technology, develop new and innovative health care programs for our patients and the community and continue our long tradition of caring.

During linac disposal, certain standards must be met to ensure the safety of the environment and the engineers servicing the linac. We ensure that your linac disposal is done safely and in conformity with the regulatory standards. Our linac disposal services include:

  • Proper removal of equipment from the facility
  • Careful attention to avoid unnecessary damage to structural surroundings
  • Complex removals including crane and elevator shaft removals
  • Disposal of hazardous or radioactive materials through a licensed disposal company
  • Base-frame removals
  • After-hours and weekend work minimizes disruption to facility

The next time you need linac services including disposal or removal, call the experts at Acceletronics! We offer a comprehensive array of radiation oncology services equipment with a team of highly trained and experienced field service engineers.

Call our customer support center anytime at 1-800-626-8704, email service request to or contact us online.

Acceletronics Offers Refurbished Linear Accelerators and CT Scanners

Varian Linac

We offer an array of services for your linear accelerator needs including refurbishing existing equipment or selling refurbished linac systems.  A refurbished linac is a great solution to budgetary concerns. When you get a refurbished linac from Acceletronics, you can be sure that it will perform and look like new.

Acceletronics offers refurbished Varian medical and industrial linear accelerators and custom linacs for research applications, along with the repair parts and services needed to keep your linac operating in peak condition. Our refurbishment solutions begin with quality in mind, and we’ll recommend a tailored-solution to fit your needs with services that include:

  • Appraisals and evaluations
  • Inspection of equipment to recommend a level of refurbishment
  • Tailored refurbishment plans
  • Transportation and Rigging
  • Installation
  • Base-frame sales and installation
  • Cosmetic, minor and major refurbishment options
  • MLC and Table upgrades
  • Laser sales and installation
  • Warranty and long term service
  • Turn-key vault design/build
  • Refurbishing and live testing performed in-house

Our customers can attest to the fine work and high-quality, refurbished products we provide.

“Acceletronics provided a re-purposed Varian LINAC  for research purposes. Working with them was a great experience, they were accommodating to changing requirements while holding tightly to aggressive delivery dates,” said David Althausen of Vantage Partners, LLC.

“[Acceletronics] went out of their way to provide background to understand the operation of the machine to ensure it would meet research needs. They also supplied additional equipment and contacts required for the safe operation of the machine.” David Althausen, Vantage Partners, LLC.

Don’t settle for less!  Acceletronics is the only independent radiation equipment and service provider that maintains a current ISO 9001:2008 registration.  Our service engineers are some of the most talented and experienced in the field, providing you with reliable and top-notch linac service, installations, relocations, upgrades and more.

To contact us, call customer support at 1-800-626-8704, email or visits our new website at Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to stay current with our products and services!


Varian Linatron 6000 for Sale from Acceletronics

This month, Acceletronics is excited to have a special offer on a Varian Linatron 6000A NDT linear accelerator, available to customers located in the United States. Much more affordable and cost-effective than purchasing new, this extremely powerful linac can be refurbished by the Acceletronics team to its original specifications or can be modified with different energies and upgraded with a digital PLC control system.

The Linatron 6000A is a high-reliability, very-high-output machine that is used for radiographic applications that demand short exposures on very thick-section materials. It is used for radiography, radioscopy, and computer tomography inspection. It can also be applied where very thick sections of low-Z materials require extremely high levels or energy and penetration. Continue reading “Varian Linatron 6000 for Sale from Acceletronics”

RadParts Offers Spook-tacular Savings with October Specials

This October, customers in need of linear accelerator replacement parts can find awesome savings at RadParts—all treats, no tricks! As the world’s largest independent, employee-owned distributor of linear accelerators, radiotherapy simulators and radiation oncology equipment, RadParts is there to serve its customers by providing them with the highest quality products at the most affordable pricing. We work to accommodate a variety of budgets and needs within healthcare and industrial markets and in many cases, are able to save our customers up to 50 percent or more. Continue reading “RadParts Offers Spook-tacular Savings with October Specials”

Acceletronics Receives Rave Reviews from Cole Memorial Hospital

Varian Linear Accelerator Repair

Customer care and satisfaction are two top priorities at Acceletronics, the world’s largest employee-owned and independent linear accelerator service company. Our values of customer service are deeply engrained in our corporate culture and for us, customer service means:

– Doing the job right the first time, on time
– Fulfilling promises made to the customer
– Measuring success based on performance and customer satisfaction
– Creating a worry-free experience for our customers

We are proud of these values that we feel make our company stand out among competitors and we are happy to work with our customers to meet their evolving needs. For example, we assisted our customers at Charles Cole Memorial Hospital in Coudersport, Pennsylvania to provide a solution for their Varian linear accelerator, all while working within their budget.

“Acceletronics has been our service provider since selling us our Varian linear accelerator quite a few years ago. The machine has been a reliable work horse, but when we received an end-of-life notification from the manufacturer, we thought there would be no alternative but replacing the entire linear accelerator. Frankly, that didn’t suit our business plan [at the time],” said Edmond Hardesty, executive director of ancillary services.  “Acceletronics solved our dilemma by providing a cost effective upgrade to replace the obsolescent Mark MLC hardware, using current technology for a fraction of the price that it would have cost for all new equipment.”

The experts at Acceletronics are thrilled to assist our customers to find innovative and affordable solutions to meet their linear accelerator equipment needs. We provide 24/7 support 365 days per year, and take pride in our level of customer care. For more information about how you can experience the Acceletronics difference, visit our website or call us toll-free at 1-800-543-5144.