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Save Scary Amounts of Money on Linac Parts with Radparts

linac parts

RadParts is the world’s largest independent, employee-owned distributor of linac parts and radiation oncology equipment. This month, customers can save scary amounts on two linac parts with October specials. Now through the end of October, hydraulic actuators are on sale for $270, a savings of $50 off the regular price! A cylinder or fluid motor, hydraulic actuators convert hydraulic power into useful mechanical work. As Read More

What is Desiccant and What Does it Do?

linear accelerator parts

Each month, Radparts features specials on a two different parts or supplies necessary for the overall operation of a linac system. In August, Radparts is offering $4 off of desiccant and $5 off of PSI water gauges. A water gauge is pretty straightforward; it measures water pressure as it flows through a linear accelerator, but what is desiccant? What does it do? Desiccant is defined Read More

August Specials Save Customers on Linac Parts and Supplies

linac parts

As the summer comes to a close and the fall starts to cool everything down, many of us begin wondering how to begin saving for the winter months. Saving daylight, saving energy and of course, saving money! Radparts brings savings to its customers this August on linac parts and supplies. Being the world’s largest independent distributors of OEM replacement linac parts, Radparts’ mission is to provide high quality, Read More

The Summer Heat is Sizzling and so are Summer Savings

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The hottest part of the year is upon us, and water is in high demand. Whether it’s a dip in a swimming pool, a dash through a sprinkler or an ice-cold glass of it, water is cooling us off and keeping us quenched during these sizzling summer days. Radparts’ specials are as hot as the weather, and we’ve got the linac parts that you need Read More

Swim into Summer Savings with Summer Specials

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The sun is blazing in the sky, the kids are out of school, pools are opening and Radparts is saving you money! With its two parts specials this month, Radparts helps customers swim into summer savings. Sit back, relax and enjoy the summer savings! As the world’s largest independent distributor of linear accelerator parts, Radparts is always looking for ways to pass along savings and Read More

May Linac Part Specials Grow Customers Savings


May is a month when flowers and foliage grow, so this month, Radparts wants to grow your savings and lower the price of linac parts. In May, Radparts features two specific products: couch lift/gantry rotation motors and Varian torque limiters. Although each functions differently, both are equally as important to the overall workings of a linac system. The list price for Couch lift and gantry Read More

Spring into Savings with April Specials

Radparts April Specials

Spring is full of positives! Spring is the time of year when flowers blossom, trees grow and temperatures warm up. Spring is the time of year for growth, which includes growing or stretching the amount of money in your budget! Customers can grow their savings this spring with Radparts April specials on linear accelerator parts. Radparts has two great specials this month: Save $10 on Read More

March Specials Save Customers Some Green on Linear Accelerator Parts

Radparts March Specials

March is surrounded by the color green: green for the color of nature, for the color of spring and for the color of St. Patrick’s Day. Green is also what customers will save this month when they purchase linear accelerator parts. Radparts has two amazing specials this March, making now a great time to stock up on crucial linear accelerator parts. The first special is Read More

Radparts Shows Customers Love with February Part Specials

RadParts February Specials

February is the month of love, and Radparts wants to show how much we love our customers with savings on parts that we recommend to have as spares just in case something goes wrong. Radparts has two great specials this month, including the lowest price ever offered on leaf motors. Normally priced at $220, customers can buy full leaf motors for just $190 this month. Read More

February Specials on Linear Accelerator Parts

Linear accelerator parts

RadParts is offering two linear accelerator parts for over 30 percent off of the list price for a very limited time. RadParts is the world’s largest independent, employee-owned distributor of parts for linear accelerators and radiation oncology equipment. Now through the end of February, Millennium MLC field lamps are only $10 each, a savings of $5 off the regular price. The 12-volt, 100-watt bulbs used Read More