Do You Know the Muffin Fan?

Ahh yes, the muffin fan: the age-old tale about the British muffin delivery man who lived on Drury Lane. Oh wait, no, that’s the old nursery rhyme the muffin MAN! So, this begs the question, “Who, or rather, what is the muffin fan?” In this monthly parts spotlight, learn about this linear accelerator replacement part and how it functions in a linear accelerator system.

The muffin fan is similar to any other fan.  It is designed to keep the linear accelerator cool, but in a different way. Last month, Radparts explained how gantry and stand joints use water to cool a linac; this month, Radparts explains how the muffin fan uses air displacement to cool a linac.

Ten to 20 years ago, muffin fans were created for computers and other electronic equipment that became very hot. Since this inception, the muffin fan has continued to evolve to keep electronics and machinery of all sizes from overheating.

The muffin fan is “silent but deadly,” so to speak. It is extremely powerful in its ability to push hot air out of radiation oncology equipment and linear accelerators, but it is simultaneously very quiet. What a great combination, right? Typically, these fans are rated at over 100 cubic feet per minute (CFM), which is a measure of the amount of air the fan can displace in one minute. Imagine not having a replacement muffin fan. If this part should break, how would a linac keep internal electronics cool while it generates megavoltage electrons to treat cancer patients? Make a proactive choice, and buy this linear accelerator replacement part from Radparts just in case of a failure.

The Radparts mission is to provide high quality, user friendly, low cost parts and support for linear accelerators and radiation therapy equipment. With a huge selection of linear accelerator parts and innovative replacement and repair solutions, Radparts aims to save customers as much as possible, and sometimes even up to 50% or more on linear accelerator parts costs.

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