Happy Customers Rave About Acceletronics Linac Disposal Service

Our linac removal service is quick and efficient. Nobody likes leaving old things lying around, so we make it a top priority to get old linacs removed and disposed of properly. Considering the size and weight of a linear accelerator system, it seems to make sense that linac removal and disposal would be a lengthy and arduous process; not with us!

Recently, we received a service request for linac disposal from Merit Health Biloxi in Biloxi, Mississippi.. Our team of highly trained and experienced service engineers arrived on Friday, August 14 and were able to get the Varian linear accelerator removed and disposed of in a timely and efficient manner. The job was completed on Saturday, August 15, so the job was a total of two days.

“[The Acceletronics] team came down Friday and removed our linear accelerator without a problem. They did a great job and removed it a lot quicker than anticipated.” –Alex Le, Administrative Specialist, Merit Health Biloxi  

Merit Health Biloxi (Biloxi Regional Medical Center) is a 198 bed acute care private facility. Standing at a total of six stories tall, this facility consists of 170,000 square feet with all rooms as private rooms including private showers. To add to the serenity of the center, it has spectacular views of Biloxi and the gulf. The Biloxi Regional Medical Center is proud to continue the tradition of excellent health care, provide the latest and most advanced medical equipment and technology, develop new and innovative health care programs for our patients and the community and continue our long tradition of caring.

During linac disposal, certain standards must be met to ensure the safety of the environment and the engineers servicing the linac. We ensure that your linac disposal is done safely and in conformity with the regulatory standards. Our linac disposal services include:

  • Proper removal of equipment from the facility
  • Careful attention to avoid unnecessary damage to structural surroundings
  • Complex removals including crane and elevator shaft removals
  • Disposal of hazardous or radioactive materials through a licensed disposal company
  • Base-frame removals
  • After-hours and weekend work minimizes disruption to facility

The next time you need linac services including disposal or removal, call the experts at Acceletronics! We offer a comprehensive array of radiation oncology services equipment with a team of highly trained and experienced field service engineers.

Call our customer support center anytime at 1-800-626-8704, email service request to support@acceletronics.com or contact us online.