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RECAP: Acceletronics Exhibits Linear Accelerator Services at ASTRO Conference in San Antonio

linear accelerator services

We attended the 2015 American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) Conference from October 18 to 21 at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, Texas. As the premier radiation oncology scientific event in the world, our team enjoyed networking with other professionals from the healthcare imaging and radiation oncology community. Drawing more than 11,000 attendees each year, the ASTRO conference is especially important to Read More

Part Spotlight: What is a Hydraulic Actuator?

Varian linear accelerator

Radparts October specials include a $50 price reduction on hydraulic actuators, which is a great savings! However, what is a hydraulic actuator and how does it work? Learn from Radparts, the experts in linear accelerator replacement parts. By definition, a hydraulic actuator is a cylinder or fluid motor that converts hydraulic power into useful mechanical work; mechanical motion produced by a hydraulic actuator may be Read More

Independent Linear Accelerator Services Vital to Future of Healthcare

linear accelerator services

The capital cost of technology has been sharply increasing in recent years with Varian and Elekta and others developing some great products. However, a large part of the Lifetime Cost of this technology is maintenance and service; a monopoly has developed because the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) controls more of the service than normal for complex medical technology, and annual costs are rising disproportionately. Failure to attack Read More

Happy Customers Rave About Acceletronics Linac Disposal Service

Our linac removal service is quick and efficient. Nobody likes leaving old things lying around, so we make it a top priority to get old linacs removed and disposed of properly. Considering the size and weight of a linear accelerator system, it seems to make sense that linac removal and disposal would be a lengthy and arduous process; not with us! Recently, we received a Read More

Linear Accelerator Removal, Disposal and Relocation Services Offered by Acceletronics

Out with the old, in with the new! When a linear accelerator becomes obsolete, it quickly begins to clutter a working space. So, the best and most logical choice at this point is to move it out of there! However, linear accelerator removal isn’t as simple as throwing out that stack of old papers on your desk or an empty can of soda, linacs are much Read More

What is Desiccant and What Does it Do?

linear accelerator parts

Each month, Radparts features specials on a two different parts or supplies necessary for the overall operation of a linac system. In August, Radparts is offering $4 off of desiccant and $5 off of PSI water gauges. A water gauge is pretty straightforward; it measures water pressure as it flows through a linear accelerator, but what is desiccant? What does it do? Desiccant is defined Read More

August Specials Save Customers on Linac Parts and Supplies

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As the summer comes to a close and the fall starts to cool everything down, many of us begin wondering how to begin saving for the winter months. Saving daylight, saving energy and of course, saving money! Radparts brings savings to its customers this August on linac parts and supplies. Being the world’s largest independent distributors of OEM replacement linac parts, Radparts’ mission is to provide high quality, Read More

How Linear Accelerators Cool Off During the Summer Heat

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July’s part specials feature half off pricing on gantry and stand water joints, but many of you may be wondering, “How essential are these parts to a linac system and what do they do?” Great question! During this month’s part spotlight, these linac parts will be broken down and examined to show customers how each one keeps a linac cool in the summer heat. Both Stand Read More

Linear Accelerator Parts Spotlight: Thyratrons and Pendant Cables

linear accelerator parts

Linear accelerators have a variety of different parts that are vital for proper operation. Each month, Radparts features specials on linear accelerator parts that provide customers with deals on the parts they need. This month’s specials are on Thyratrons and Pendant cables. For the layman, here is an in-depth look into each of these parts including their individual functions and how each functions in a Read More

Spring into Savings with April Specials

Radparts April Specials

Spring is full of positives! Spring is the time of year when flowers blossom, trees grow and temperatures warm up. Spring is the time of year for growth, which includes growing or stretching the amount of money in your budget! Customers can grow their savings this spring with Radparts April specials on linear accelerator parts. Radparts has two great specials this month: Save $10 on Read More