3 Ways Acceletronics Helps Healthcare Customers Save Money

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2014 is quickly coming to a close and with the start of a new year, many hospitals are rethinking their budgeting strategies and seeking ways to make their dollars stretch further throughout the course of 2015. The staff at Acceletronics understands that changes within the healthcare industry have put increased pressure on hospitals to cut costs without sacrificing quality of service or equipment.

Here are three ways that we provide our customers with significant savings:

Service: Our rapid response program enables our field service engineers to respond to all calls in 15 minutes or less, around the clock. Because our service engineers typically service fewer machines than many other service providers, our customers experience a more personalized approach and with a faster response time and fewer repeat problems. We service and maintan Varian, Elekta, and Siemens linear accelerators.

Predictable, consistent payment options: Our billing process is tailored to provide the most stability and consistency possible, eliminating the guesswork of monthly maintenance costs. We offer flexible payment plans that can be done monthly, quarterly, or annually in order to meet your company’s specific needs.

Enormous inventory of linear accelerator replacement parts: Our sister company, RadParts, has warehouses located around the world, providing refurbished linear accelerator replacement parts that meet or exceed OEM specifications. Purchasing from RadParts often provides our customers with a savings of 50 percent or more on more than 60,000 parts, including Klystrons, Magnetrons, Thyratrons, Waveguides, solenoids, switches, motors, pumps, and more.

To learn more about Acceletronics and our team of service engineers or the linear accelerator replacement parts at RadParts, contact us at info@acceletronics.com.

RadParts Offers Radioactive Waste Disposal Services Regulated by the NRC

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Did you know that RadParts is among a select few companies licensed by the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission to handle Depleted Uranium? Due to its physical shielding properties, DU is sometimes used in linear accelerators in the industrial radiographic imaging sector and in the medical industry. Unlike many other professionals and businesses in radiation oncology and Non-Destructive Testing, RadParts is qualified to safely remove equipment and dispose of DU or other radioactive materials in conformity with regulatory requirements.

Because linear accelerators eventually age beyond their useful lifespan, it is important to have a team on-hand that is knowledgeable about how to properly remove linac equipment that has DU components. DU is most commonly found in older linear accelerator models. Tungsten and lead are alternatives more commonly used in newer models.   Continue reading “RadParts Offers Radioactive Waste Disposal Services Regulated by the NRC”

Acceletronics and RadParts Employees Receive Top-Notch Training in Healthcare Industry

MLC at Acceletronics

Acceletronics and RadParts take pride in employing the most customer-oriented, knowledgeable service technicians and staff members in the healthcare industry, adhering to the highest industry standards in both quality and service. We consistently encourage our staff members to learn and grow by offering them tools and extensive training to ensure their professional development and overall success.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, commonly known as HIPAA, is just one of the areas in which all Acceletronics and RadParts employees are trained. In today’s highly technical, digital world, it is essential to ensure that patient data, confidential and secured information are protected at all times. According to HIPAA standards, this includes all verbal, written and electronic information.

As the world’s largest employee-owned independent radiation oncology equipment service organization, Acceletronics recognizes that employee job responsibilities go far beyond the service and repair of linear accelerator equipment. We offer assurance that our healthcare clients and their patients are always a top priority by educating our team to uphold the highest standards of ethics through our training program.

Medical and industrial facilities all over the world trust Acceletronics and RadParts for linear accelerator service, refurbished linear accelerators, new digital imaging systems, parts, equipment relocations and ongoing support solutions. Our employees are our greatest assets and exemplify our core values as they take the customer care pledge to:

-Do the job right the first time, on time
– Keep promises
– Measure success based on performance and customer satisfaction
– Make the experience worry-free
– Safe-guard your interests

For more information about services offered by Acceletronics, click here or call us 24/7 at 1-800-543-5144. For affordable linear accelerator replacement parts, visit our sister company, RadParts online at www.radparts.com.

Acceletronics and Weller Construction Offer Turn-Key Solutions for Customers

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Acceletronics has announced another exciting partnership at the 56th annual meeting of the American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) this week, which is currently being held in San Francisco, California. The radiation therapy equipment service organization is proud to join forces with Weller Construction and together, will provide customers with turn-key facility construction and radiation therapy equipment services.

By combining years of  industry knowledge and expertise, the companies will work together to design and build new radiation therapy facilities or modify existing facilities, all while providing state-of the-art new and pre-owned radiation therapy equipment. As opposed to cherry picking from a variety of contractors and suppliers, Acceletronics and Weller Construction will offer a single point of contact for most any project or retrofit. Continue reading “Acceletronics and Weller Construction Offer Turn-Key Solutions for Customers”

Acceletronics Expands Services across the Border

Acceletronics is pleased to announce that it has recently stretched its international reach into Canada, receiving licensing from the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission to service linear accelerator equipment in the country. At this time, Acceletronics is the only United States-based independent service company for radiation oncology equipment to receive licensing from the commission.

After submitting an application, the licensing process through the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission requires a thorough assessment through an extensive seven step process, including a technical assessment by a licensing specialist, quality assurance evaluation and a sign-off by a designated officer. The CNSC also requires that applicants are deemed qualified to perform their work and have effectively demonstrated that they will protect the health and safety of persons and the environment.

Acceletronics offers rapid response services for linear accelerators and radiation oncology equipment through a global network of highly qualified technicians who boast an average of 15 years of experience and factory training. We also offer coast-to-coast expert support that is available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year through our customer support line at 1-800-626-8704 or by email at support@acceletronics.com.

Our services include rapid response using a computer-aided dispatching system, redundant engineering support, as well as high-quality, affordable on-demand parts through our sister company, RadParts. We also offer significant financial benefits, providing our customers with consistent monthly maintenance billing to provide stability and predictability within budgetary requirements.

For more information about Acceletronics, its full range of services and monthly product specials, be sure to check our monthly blog or subscribe to our newsletter here. You can also contact us at 610-524-3300 or info@acceletronics.com.

Acceletronics Exceeds Customer Expectations for Service

MLC at Acceletronics

As a driven, customer-focused company, Acceletronics strives to meet its customers’ needs by providing high quality support services for oncology equipment, including linear accelerators, at a competitive pricing. We take pride in taking expert care of your entire department and all of your equipment maintenance needs.

Here are a few things you should know about the Acceletronics team:

We understand that healthcare has changed. Continue reading “Acceletronics Exceeds Customer Expectations for Service”