New therapy offers alternative treatment for lung cancer

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in Kentucky. In the United States, more than 200,000 new cases are diagnosed each year. If diagnosed early, a common treatment for non-small cell lung cancer is surgery to remove the cancer, often along with an entire lobe of the lung. Surgery requires the patient to be healthy enough to survive the operation and to be Read More

Coming up roses: Flower picked from hospital garden used to test £5.3m radiotherapy machine

The MR-guided linear accelerator (MR-linac) is currently one of only seven experimental systems in the world. It combines magnetic resonance (MR) scanning and ‘tumour-busting’ radiotherapy to deliver magnetic resonance radiotherapy in one package. It is expected to deliver some of the most precise radiotherapy available once fully operational, according to The Christie. The installation of the new £5.3m machine was completed earlier this year and Read More

Stanford’s new ‘accelerator on a chip’ could revolutionize medical care

Researchers at Stanford University are developing a linear accelerator that is the size of a chip — instead of two miles long — and it could herald a medical breakthrough. Linear accelerators are commonly used for external beam radiation treatments for patients with cancer. However, only a handful have been constructed as they are very expensive to build, maintain and operate. Stanford’s accelerator on a Read More

Budgeting Tips for Upgrading Oncology Medical Equipment

Upgrading oncology medicinal equipment is a key prospect for each healthcare provider. Be that as it may, with the present healthcare reforms and diminishing budgets, the need to keep cost low while enhancing patient care can be challenging. It’s important to search for cost-effective ways to invest limited capital, so before upgrading your oncology medical equipment, consider the following tips Smart Financing Paying money for Read More

Concrete applications for accelerator science

Particle accelerators are the engines of particle physics research at Fermilab. They generate nearly light-speed, subatomic particles that scientists study to get to the bottom of what makes our universe tick. Fermilab experiments rely on a number of different accelerators, including a powerful, 500-foot-long linear accelerator that kick-starts the process of sending particle beams to various destinations. But if you’re not doing physics research, what’s Read More

Making sense of complex cancer cures

HYDERABAD: Radiation oncology or Radiation Therapy uses carefully targeted and regulated doses of high-energy radiation to shrink or eliminate cancer cells or tumors. It is one of the three main cancer treatment modalities along with surgery and chemotherapy. Radiation therapy is found to be most effective in treating cancers related to brain and spinal cord, head and neck, cervix, breast, lungs, bones and prostrate. Most notable Read More

The Use of Radiation Equipment in Treating Cancer

Each year around 14 million cases of cancer spring up globally. It is estimated that radiation therapy heals 3.5 million people and provides palliative relief for another 3.5 million people. These approximations have been made based on the fact that radiation therapy has benefitted over 50 percent of all cancer patients. What Is Radiation Therapy? Radiation therapy employs the high-energy particles or waves, such as Read More

World’s strongest x-ray laser inaugurated

The European XFEL, the largest and most powerful x-ray laser in the world, was officially inaugurated on September 1, 2017. With a budget of $1.4 billion (€1.2 billion), it is Germany’s most expensive research device. Equipped with superconducting accelerator coils, it will generate 27,000 x-ray flashes per second to capture images of individual atoms with less than 100 fs time resolution. Last week, the people Read More

Relocating Medical Equipment is a Job For Specialists

Medical equipment has evolved enormously over the past half a century. In addition to entirely new machines, new improved versions of older equipment keep being introduced all the time.  So there arises a constant need to shift old equipment to a different location and commission the latest version in your premises. Also, more and more medical facilities are coming up across the world making it Read More