How Linear Accelerators Cool Off During the Summer Heat

July’s part specials feature half off pricing on gantry and stand water joints, but many of you may be wondering, “How essential are these parts to a linac system and what do they do?” Great question! During this month’s part spotlight, these linac parts will be broken down and examined to show customers how each one keeps a linac cool in the summer heat.

Both Stand and Gantry water joints keep a vital part of the linac system cool during normal operation. Specifically, these rotating water fittings connect to the large 1 inch hoses that deliver the cooling water to and from the stand to the gantry, which houses the linear accelerator structure, x-ray tube, collimators and detectors in a radiation therapy machine. These fittings rotate as the gantry is turned, ensuring that a constant flow of water is delivered to the mission critical components.

These parts are essential to a linear accelerator’s operational integrity and proper functioning. Both the gantry water joints and stand water joints are on sale, so be sure to save some money before it’s too late!

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