Radiation Therapy Equipment

In the early 1900’s, Marie Curry discovered the radioactive elements of polonium and radium. Radium was the main radioactive agent used until the mid 1900’s then Cobalt 60 was discovered and then used in radiation therapy equipment. This was the standard of radiation therapy and is still used by some hospitals today to treat cancer patients. The problem with the Cobalt 60 radiation therapy equipment Read More

Varian Accelerator

The Varian accelerator is a linear accelerator that can be used to treat various types of cancer. It offers more control than the older Cobalt 60 treatment systems and is safer than the older systems. It can also be used as a piece of imaging equipment, helping you diagnose and treat your patients. The Cobalt 60 treatment method involved inserting radioactive particles around the tumor Read More

Varian Linear Accelerator

Having a family member or loved one told that they have cancer can be one of the scariest moments of your life. Many of us picture cancer victims wasting away in a hospital bed with no hair and no will to live. We imagine the most horrible types of treatments available. There are advances in treatments made every day and one of the best new Read More


Throughout the recent century, many new developments have been made in the field of medicine. In particular, progress has bee n made in the treatment of cancer. Now, there are a variety of treatment programs that can be undertaken by cancer patients. With such a massive amount of research and development taking place each year into how to prevent and stop cancer, new ideas are Read More

IMRT Radiation

Specialist equipment in the medical industry is used in a large number of hospitals and treatment clinics. One type is IMRT radiation equipment. IMRT – that is, intensity modulated radiation therapy – requires high-tech machinery that is used to treat cancer patients. This machinery has the ability to kill cancer cells, using high energy radiation. Currently, it offers moderate success rates, and in the majority Read More

Linear Accelerator

A wide range of modern equipment is used in the medicine industry today. Research and development progresses the technology used in the field, allowing more effective machinery to be manufactured – and in turn, more lives to be saved. It is vital hospitals and clinics use the latest equipment, to improve the success rates of treatment programs. A reliable machinery supplier is needed to fulfill Read More

Linear Accelerators

Heavy machinery is widely used in the 21st century in a number of medical applications. One area in which they are widely used is cancer treatment. Modern technology, which has the ability to harness the power of radiation, can be used in treatment programs to kill cancer cells and prevent tumors from spreading. This equipment is incredibly important to hospitals and other medical institutions; they Read More

Medical Equipment Companies

Hospitals, clinics and other medical institutions rely on a team of dedicated suppliers to provide the equipment used in their establishments. A great majority of the machinery used in the medical field requires specialist technology that can only be produced by particular companies with the necessary expertise. Such companies are located around the United States and most manufacture their products domestically. One of the USA’s Read More