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Scientists bring innovative microbeam radiation therapy for cancer treatment a step closer

Scientists bring innovative microbeam radiation therapy for cancer treatment a step closer ​​Radiotherapy IMRT machine. Credit: Jan Chlebik for the ICR. Scientists have developed a new mathematical tool which will speed a smart new type of radiotherapy into the first patient trials. Physicists from The Institute of Cancer Research, London, and two German research centres developed an algorithm – a set of mathematical rules – Read More

Algorithm seeks to reduce radiation therapy side effects, maintain efficacy

An algorithm for computing radiation therapy treatments developed by researchers at North Carolina State University could substantially reduce patient side effects while delivering the same results as conventional radiation therapy. That’s the finding of a new proof-of-concept study, funded by the National Science Foundation, published last week in Physics in Medicine and Biology involving model slices of five different liver tumors. For decades, cancer patients Read More

When and how to treat an IMRT patient on a second accelerator without replanning?

When a linear accelerator is unavailable for treatment, a clinical decision is imminent regarding whether a patient should be treated on a linear accelerator other than the machine the patient was scheduled on, or whether treatment should be postponed until the original Linac becomes available. This work investigates the feasibility of switching patients to different accelerators for intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT). We have performed Monte Read More

The Universe Shouldn’t Exist, CERN Scientists Announce

The Veil Nebula. Credit: By Jschulman555 – Own work, Wikipedia Commons. Thank your lucky stars you’re alive. It’s truly a miracle of nature. This has nothing to do with spirituality or religion and everything to do with science. Life itself may not be the miracle. Although we haven’t found it elsewhere yet, our galaxy alone is so replete with Earth-like planets that, mathematically speaking, one Read More

Theraview TBI (Total Body Irradiation) Image Guided RadioTherapy System

Bring new confidence, reliability and safety on-line with TheraView®, the cost effective, low-dose, high resolution IGRT digital portal imaging and workstation software solution. Acceletronics is North America’s full service and sales dealer for Cablon Medical’s latest TheraView Technology IGRT solutions. The TheraView TargetCheck® IGRT workstation, which connects to your existing OEM portal imaging system, is delivered web-enabled to allow remote access for review and has image Read More

Henry Ford offers cutting-edge MRI-guided radiation cancer therapy

Henry Ford spends $10 million on advanced MRI-guided radiation therapy program in Grosse Pointe Farms Treats adult cancers of the prostate, liver, pancreas and abdomen with precision doses Will add second system in 2020 when downtown outpatient cancer center opens   Henry Ford Health System took a big step in precision medicine this year when they introduced an advanced cancer therapy system that uses magnetic Read More

Elekta delays order target for Unity MR linac

Elekta is shifting its order-taking goals for Unity. “Recently, we have made two difficult decisions for the short term, but I’m convinced that they are correct and necessary for the long term. Firstly, we have extended the final stage of the development and testing of Elekta Unity in order to finalize and validate the linac control system, as well as ensure that customers can make Read More

The Physics of Healing: Radiation Therapy

Few days are worse than a day when you hear the words, “I’m sorry, you have cancer.” Fear of the unknown, fear of pain, and fear of death all attend the moment when you learn the news, and nothing can prepare you for the shock of learning that your body has betrayed you. It can be difficult to know there’s something growing inside you that shouldn’t Read More

Easier access to cancer treatment: Stanford-Emanuel center expands in a big way

A treatment center at Turlock’s Emanuel Medical Center now has double the capacity for treating patients with cancer. The Stanford-Emanuel Radiation Oncology Center has added a second linear accelerator for delivering doses of radiation to treat malignant tumors. The center on East Tuolumne Road is a joint venture of Emanuel and Stanford Health Care and began treating cancer patients from the Central Valley in 2007. Read More