Have You Heard of the TBI Imager?


Theraview and its distributors, Acceletronics, are proud to present the first commercially available mobile Total Body Irradiation (TBI) detector.  With its unique Software features, radiation therapists can easily follow the entire TBI treatment.  An easy setup in any Linac room with enough size, makes the patient treatment very efficient and accurate.  During a live video stream, the system will warn users of any patient deviation by a change in color scheme or clinical audio alarm.

Benefits Include:

  • Verification with sub-millimeter precision
  • Reduce overall treatment times
  • Mobile unit can be easily used in different treatment rooms
  • Improved patient setup
  • Real time (intrafraction) monitoring during entire treatment

Please take a moment to visit our website Theraview page which has a link to the new TBI Imaging brochure, and you can check out this video to learn more.  We are available for an onsite or online demo at a convenient time to share this new product with you and your team. 

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