Independent Linear Accelerator Services Vital to Future of Healthcare

linear accelerator services

The capital cost of technology has been sharply increasing in recent years with Varian and Elekta and others developing some great products. However, a large part of the Lifetime Cost of this technology is maintenance and service; a monopoly has developed because the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) controls more of the service than normal for complex medical technology, and annual costs are rising disproportionately.

Failure to attack technology lifetime costs inevitably results in a focus on reductions in the patient facing staff you’ve invested in who ensure  excellent patient experience and outcomes. As a result, it makes sense to revisit ways to spend less to maintain clinical up-time.

It is generally agreed that negotiating with a monopoly rarely leads to the optimum outcome for the buyer, which is why Acceletronics, as an Independent Linear Accelerator Services Organization, is so important to the future of your Cancer Clinic.

Acceletronics has built its business to provide leverage to buyers by offering a quality alternative from its nationwide network of linear accelerator engineers and parts supply company.  Typical savings of one third in annual costs are achieved using our ISO9001:2008 compliant processes and procedures, across all major brands and models including TrueBeam.

Get a quotation from Acceletronics today, and join the hundreds of sites who have become long term satisfied customers, who are protecting their future through proactive positive change.Acceletronics also offers turn-key capital technology solutions based on pre-owned refurbished Linear Accelerators to overcome economic barriers to serving patients in challenging demographic areas, and will dispose of excess equipment at fair market prices.

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