Save in September with Radparts Specials

linear accelerator replacement parts

Radparts continues to bring buyers monthly specials on different linear accelerator parts. Saving money for customers is top of mind along with providing high quality products. In September, Radparts offers a special on Thyratrons and Muffin Fans.

Radparts provides innovative replacement and repair solutions that can save customers up to 50 percent or more! This month, Radparts comes through on that promise!

Regularly priced at $2,455, customers can purchase a 8503AG Thyratron for $2,355. That’s a savings of $100! Thyratrons are an essential linear accelerator part. These gas-filled glass tubes operate as an electrical switch. The gases within the tube create an environment for electron multiplication and a strong electron current.

In July, customers saved big on ways to keep linear accelerators cool during the summer heat. Muffin fans are September’s second special, which is another way to keep a linear accelerator cool! Radparts offers a great deal; with the purchase of a muffin fan this month, customers receive a savings of over 25%! The September price of this part is $25, but the original price is $35. Radparts’ customers save $10! Don’t over heat your wallet! Keep your savings and your linear accelerator cool with this necessary linear accelerator replacement part.

As the world’s largest independent, employee-owned distributor of OEM replacement linear accelerator parts, Radparts’ warehouses contain over 65,000 parts, with over 3,200 individual line items for linear accelerators such as Solid State & tube RF Drivers, Klystrons, Magnetrons, Thyratrons, Waveguides, Circulators, RF loads and much more!

When thinking about radiotherapy simulators, radiation therapy equipment and linear accelerator replacement parts, think Radparts and then call the toll free number anywhere, anytime at 1-877-704-3838. Visit the Radparts website to place an order, or click here and fill out a contact form.

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