Linear Accelerator Removal, Disposal and Relocation Services Offered by Acceletronics

Out with the old, in with the new! When a linear accelerator becomes obsolete, it quickly begins to clutter a working space. So, the best and most logical choice at this point is to move it out of there! However, linear accelerator removal isn’t as simple as throwing out that stack of old papers on your desk or an empty can of soda, linacs are much heavier and harder to remove.

We are a reliable partner for linac removal, and when you work with us, we will ensure that your equipment is removed safely and in conformity with regulatory requirements. We offer linear accelerator removal and disposal services such as:

  • Proper removal of equipment from the facility
  • Careful attention to avoid unnecessary damage to structural surroundings
  • Complex removals including crane and elevator shaft removals
  • Disposal of hazardous or radioactive materials through a licensed disposal company
  • Base-frame removals
  • After-hours and weekend work to minimize disruption to facility

Although other companies may offer similar services for removal, no other company can provide the level of care and service that Acceletronics provides. When moving a piece of equipment as large as a linac, damages to surrounding equipment and facilities are almost inevitable. However, we said almost! With us, you can be sure that your facility will be protected.

Need to relocate your business and your radiation oncology equipment? Not a problem for us! Whether you are moving into a new facility or you need to relocate your linear accelerator and CT simulator, our logistics and relocation specialists can help you through the most challenging relocations. Let Acceletronics tailor an affordable relocation solution that fits your needs:

  • Mechanical de-installation and re-installation using qualified and insured rigging crews
  • Base-frame sales and installation reduces facility start-up time
  • Specialized packing, crating, and loading for domestic and international shipments
  • Logistics support to ensure equipment is transported on quality, secured vehicles
  • Electrical de-installation and re-installation by experienced engineering specialists
  • Physics support for equipment calibration and acceptance testing, when required

Acceletronics is the only independent radiation equipment and service provider that maintains a current ISO 9001:2008 registration.  Our service engineers are some of the most experienced in the field and will provide you with reliable and top-notch linac removal or relocation services, installations, upgrades and more.

For more information about our linear accelerator removal, disposal or relocation services for your radiation oncology systems, visit the new Acceletronics website. To input a service request, call us anytime at 1-800-626-8704 or email

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