Acceletronics Offers Refurbished Linear Accelerators and CT Scanners

Varian Linac

We offer an array of services for your linear accelerator needs including refurbishing existing equipment or selling refurbished linac systems.  A refurbished linac is a great solution to budgetary concerns. When you get a refurbished linac from Acceletronics, you can be sure that it will perform and look like new.

Acceletronics offers refurbished Varian medical and industrial linear accelerators and custom linacs for research applications, along with the repair parts and services needed to keep your linac operating in peak condition. Our refurbishment solutions begin with quality in mind, and we’ll recommend a tailored-solution to fit your needs with services that include:

  • Appraisals and evaluations
  • Inspection of equipment to recommend a level of refurbishment
  • Tailored refurbishment plans
  • Transportation and Rigging
  • Installation
  • Base-frame sales and installation
  • Cosmetic, minor and major refurbishment options
  • MLC and Table upgrades
  • Laser sales and installation
  • Warranty and long term service
  • Turn-key vault design/build
  • Refurbishing and live testing performed in-house

Our customers can attest to the fine work and high-quality, refurbished products we provide.

“Acceletronics provided a re-purposed Varian LINAC  for research purposes. Working with them was a great experience, they were accommodating to changing requirements while holding tightly to aggressive delivery dates,” said David Althausen of Vantage Partners, LLC.

“[Acceletronics] went out of their way to provide background to understand the operation of the machine to ensure it would meet research needs. They also supplied additional equipment and contacts required for the safe operation of the machine.” David Althausen, Vantage Partners, LLC.

Don’t settle for less!  Acceletronics is the only independent radiation equipment and service provider that maintains a current ISO 9001:2008 registration.  Our service engineers are some of the most talented and experienced in the field, providing you with reliable and top-notch linac service, installations, relocations, upgrades and more.

To contact us, call customer support at 1-800-626-8704, email or visits our new website at Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to stay current with our products and services!


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