What is Desiccant and What Does it Do?

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Each month, Radparts features specials on a two different parts or supplies necessary for the overall operation of a linac system. In August, Radparts is offering $4 off of desiccant and $5 off of PSI water gauges. A water gauge is pretty straightforward; it measures water pressure as it flows through a linear accelerator, but what is desiccant? What does it do?

Desiccant is defined as a hygroscopic substance that induces or sustains a state of dryness (desiccation) in its vicinity. Desiccant is a chemically stable and inert substance that comes in various forms and can be applied in different ways.  The most common forms of desiccant include silica, activated charcoal, calcium sulfate, calcium chloride and molecular sieves. Typically, desiccants are used in the packaging of products, such as powders, shoes, cocoa, coffee and various nuts and grains, to keep out moisture at a molecular level. This ensures the integrity of the product as it is shipped and moved to different environments. Cargo products that need desiccant are called hygroscopic cargo. These types of cargo are particularly susceptible to mold and rot when exposed to condensation and humidity.  Desiccant is also used in commercial air dryers to keep the moisture down in air supplied to sensitive equipment.  Radparts is selling the same type of desiccant that the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) use to keep dry the facility compressed air supplied to a linear accelerator.

As the world’s largest independent distributors of OEM replacement parts for Linear Accelerators and Radiation Oncology equipment, Radparts’ mission is to provide high quality, user friendly, low cost parts support for linear accelerators and radiation equipment. RadParts is available 24/7, 365 days a year, offering convenient national and international shipping options to deliver parts when you need them the most.

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