Linear Accelerator Parts Spotlight: Thyratrons and Pendant Cables

linear accelerator parts

Linear accelerators have a variety of different parts that are vital for proper operation. Each month, Radparts features specials on linear accelerator parts that provide customers with deals on the parts they need. This month’s specials are on Thyratrons and Pendant cables. For the layman, here is an in-depth look into each of these parts including their individual functions and how each functions in a linear accelerator system.

Thyratrons are a type of gas-filled tube used as a high-power electrical switch and controller. Gases such as mercury vapor, xenon, neon and hydrogen, create an environment favorable for the process of electron multiplication. This creates a strong electrical current providing enough energy to operate heavy machinery and high-energy systems such as linear accelerators. Thyratrons are used in linear accelerator systems because they need high levels of energy to produce high levels of radiation. With the capability of operating at up to tens of kiloamperes and tens of kilovolts, thyratrons create the perfect high-level energy current.

C-Series pendant cables are used to connect control mechanisms to the linear accelerator system. Designed to withstand demanding conditions these coiled cables connect to the patient treatment table of the Varian C-Series linacs, connecting the hand pendant to the rest of the system.  The cables provide outstanding flexibility while maintaining excellent electrical properties. Within the linear accelerator system, pendant cables allow medical professionals to control the motor motions of the linear accelerator.

Although both parts function in different ways within a linear accelerator system, both parts are necessary to the overall integrity of a linac. Remember, thyratrons and C- Series pendant cables are on sale this month! To order these parts or any parts from Radparts, contact us toll-free at 877-704-3838 or email us at

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