Flexibility and Excellence for Linear Accelerator Service Parts

Acceletronics Testimonial

Strong core values are what distinguish Acceletronics’ linear accelerator service parts from our competitors. One of those values is high quality linear accelerator and radiation therapy equipment service; another standard that goes along with quality of service is flexibility. Customers’ linear accelerator needs are top priority, so we work towards fulfilling those needs. We want to understand the details in customers’ needs to provide excellent service because we believe you cannot have excellence without flexibility. This is how we create new and lasting customer relationships.

“We have had a working relationship with Acceletronics for approximately 15 years. We have never second guessed our decision to move away from the manufacturer’s service provider to our third party vendor Acceletronics,” said Mike Kelly, Director of Oncology, Finley Hospital, Unity Point Health, Dubuque, IA.

Our goal is to provide excellent linear accelerator service parts and radiation therapy equipment services to our customers, and to do it at a reasonable and affordable price. We want to help customers reach their goals; if a customer accomplishes a goal, then we have accomplished our goal.

“With our systems mandate to be as sustainable as possible, Acceletronics has helped us to meet our cost saving goals,” continued Kelly. “There are many reasons that we have had such a long and successful relationship with Acceletronics, but one of the most important is their willingness to work around our hours of operation allowing us to focus on our patients as our number one priority. The availability of their service engineers continues to be excellent.”

We provide flexible payment options for our linear accelerator service parts. If you’re hesitant about switching linear accelerator service providers, we understand; however, we are committed to our customers and can guarantee high quality linear accelerator parts and services. For more information on a list of linear accelerator service parts available from Acceletronics, click here.

Don’t settle for inflexible and poor quality linear accelerator service parts when you could have flexibility and excellent service from Acceletronics. Our radiation therapy equipment engineers are available 24/7, 365 days-a-week. To contact us, call customer support at 1-800-626-8704 or email support@acceletronics.com. Be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for monthly linear accelerator service parts specials and updates.

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