Acceletronics and RadParts Celebrate Opening of New Testing Facility

With the ASTRO conference earlier this month and lots of new and exciting projects going on, September has been a busy month at Acceletronics and its sister company, RadParts. After much anticipation, our team is thrilled to announce that our new 5,000 square-foot testing facility is officially open for business!

The high-tech radiation vault will increase overall efficiency and cut down on installation time by allowing our experts to live beam team test the linear accelerators that are built or refurbished by Acceletronics, a process that previously had to be completed onsite at customers’ facilities. Additionally, RadParts will use the facility to live test reconditioned parts, ensuring that our linear accelerator and radiation oncology parts continue to exceed customer expectations for quality. The expansive space will also allow for two linear accelerators to undergo testing at the same time, decreasing machine down time and delivering products to our customers when they need them most—fast!

The schedule at the facility is already filling up quickly, with upcoming plans to refurbish one linear accelerator and build a custom linear accelerator for an industrial client, all while the RadParts staff is busy testing parts to ensure that they are operating at peak performance!

Acceletronics is the world’s largest employee-owned independent linear accelerator equipment supplier and service provider, offering more than 30 years of expertise and a well-established reputation for excellent customer service. Our services include linear accelerator maintenance, equipment relocation, installation, logistics, rigging, removals and disposals, as well as clinical applications training to ensure your staff is fully-trained to operate the equipment you purchase.

For more information about Acceletronics, visit our website or call us at 1-800-543-5144.


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