Acceletronics and Weller Construction Offer Turn-Key Solutions for Customers

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Acceletronics has announced another exciting partnership at the 56th annual meeting of the American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) this week, which is currently being held in San Francisco, California. The radiation therapy equipment service organization is proud to join forces with Weller Construction and together, will provide customers with turn-key facility construction and radiation therapy equipment services.

By combining years of  industry knowledge and expertise, the companies will work together to design and build new radiation therapy facilities or modify existing facilities, all while providing state-of the-art new and pre-owned radiation therapy equipment. As opposed to cherry picking from a variety of contractors and suppliers, Acceletronics and Weller Construction will offer a single point of contact for most any project or retrofit.

In addition, all linear accelerators and radiation oncology equipment will be installed and warranted and includes treatment simulation and peripheral equipment.

Due to evolving budgets in the healthcare industry, Acceletronics and Weller Construction will also offer affordable long-term service and financing options to accommodate their customers and provide them with high-quality affordable solutions.

“Our goal is to make building a new treatment facility or revamping an existing facility more cost-effective while reducing the stresses usually associated with having to manage many different vendors,” said Jim Weller, president of Weller Construction. “[By] working with Acceletronics, we’ll be able to offer our customers high-quality state-of-the art-equipment, along with the installation and warranty support they’ll need to operate.”

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