Linear Accelerator Radiation

Linear accelerator radiation is used in a variety of medical treatments, from radiation therapy to treat cancer to x-ray technology to show broken bones. Linear accelerators come in a wide variety of sizes from some as small as a six inches to the largest that is over two miles long. This device has a number of useful functions and would be a great addition to your hospital oncology department.

For radiation treatment of cancer patients, many hospitals use Cobalt 60, which creates radiation but in uncontrolled direction. To treat a patient who has been diagnosed with cancer, a doctor prescribes radiation treatments. With Cobalt 60, the patient is moved to a shielded room and the radioactive material is focused on the area where the cancer was discovered. This also exposes the healthy tissue in the patient to the same amount of radiation which would not happen with linear accelerator radiation.

The way radiation is used to treat cancer is that radiation kills human cells. The cancer cells are the same as the rest of the cells but they have started to divide uncontrollably and have started to endanger the patient. The radiation can kill the mutated cells and either destroy the cancer or at least put the patient into remission. The problem is that with the uncontrolled direction of the Cobalt 60 treatments, healthy cells will also be destroyed by the radiation. This is where the linear accelerator radiation is different.

With a linear accelerator, your patient will not have their healthy cells exposed to the excess radiation as the path of the radiation can be tightly controlled. This limits the tissue that will be exposed to the radiation to the actual tumor itself and not the surrounding tissue. The linear accelerator radiation can also be set to a variety of different levels so that a smaller dose of radiation can be administered as well as the large doses needed by more aggressive cancer cells.

The linear accelerator radiation can actually be used in a variety of different applications. It can be used for imaging, similar to the x-ray technology, and it can be used to give high resolution images such as those supplied by a 3D CRT. Some of the linear accelerators can even be used to help your doctors with radio surgery, a new and growing field in the area of cancer treatment.

When looking at purchasing your first linear accelerator for radiation therapy, you should start with a reputable medical supply company. Acceletronics is one such company and they offer a full line of linear accelerators as well as the expertise to install and maintain the machines. They will even help with the project management if you are building a new wing to house the oncology department and want to add linear accelerator radiation to your treatment regime.

Acceletronics can be found on the internet at There you can see the different types of equipment they offer as well as their service and installation plans. You can also call the company at 1-800-543-5144 and one of their customer service representatives will help you decide which system is best for your doctor’s and your patient’s needs.

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