IGRT Radiation Therapy

IGRT radiation therapy is simply employing the frequent use of images during the process of administering radiation therapy in order to improve the exactness and meticulousness of the delivery of the treatment.

In IGRT radiation therapy, the machines that deliver radiation like linear accelerators are fully equipped with advanced imaging technology; this will help the physician image the tumor quickly before or during the administration of radiation, while the patient maintains a position on the treatment table. By employing advanced computer software, the images are compared with the images that were taken during simulation. Any required modifications are then quickly made to the patient’s position and or to the radiation beams so that it can correctly target the radiation at the tumor and not at the surrounding healthy tissue.

IGRT radiation therapy equipment will have to be in good working condition if they are going to be used for treating cancer patients. The IGRT radiation therapy device will also require top quality parts to function very well. Acceletronics is your is your best bet when it comes to getting only the best parts and equipment for IGRT radiation therapy equipment such as linear accelerators.

Acceletronics offers superb quality low cost:

• Radiation oncology equipment service & installation

• Refurbished IMRT and IGRT equipped linear accelerator devices

• Refurbished CT simulators

• CT service

• and different kinds of treatment aids & Q.A. devices which include the Theraview EPID and KV Imager for IGRT.

The following may be employed for IGRT radiation therapy

• CT (computed tomography)

• MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging)

• PET (Positron emission tomography)

• Ultrasound (US)

• and X-ray imaging

IGRT radiation therapy is used in order to treat the tumors that are in areas of the human body that are prone to constant movement like the prostate gland, lungs (which are affected by inhaling and exhaling) and tumors that are located close to vital tissues and organs.

IGRT radiation therapy is mostly used in combination with IMRT (intensity modulated radiation therapy), a sophisticated mode of high precision radiotherapy that employs computer controlled x-ray linear accelerators in order to deliver the correct radiation doses to malignant tumors or specific areas that are within the tumor.

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