IGRT (Image-guided radiation therapy) and IMRT (Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy) used in the treatment of cancer. IGRT IMRT are both treatment aids that can come equipped with linear accelerators in order to deliver radiation.

IGRT IMRT treatment aids need to be in really great working condition in order to deliver quality treatment to patients who suffer from cancer. Acceletronics is the go-to place for every hospital and health care facility that are searching for quality service parts and equipment. Acceletronics is known for offering only quality, competitively priced parts and equipment.

Acceletronics offers superb quality low cost:

” Radiation oncology equipment service & installation

” Refurbished IGRT IMRT equipped linear accelerator devices

” Refurbished CT simulators

” CT service

” and different types of treatment aids & Q.A. devices which include the Theraview EPID and KV Imager for IGRT.

IGRT is simply the use of frequent imaging all through the course of radiation therapy in order to enhance the accuracy of delivering of treatment. IMRT is a highly developed mode of high precision radiotherapy that employs computer controlled linear accelerator device in order to deliver uniform radiation doses to malignant tumors or specific areas that are within the tumor.

In IGRT, devices that deliver radiation come equipped with imaging technology which allows the physician to successfully image the tumor immediately prior to, or even during the time the radiation therapy is being administered to the patient, while he/she (the patient) is on the treatment table. With the use of specialized computer software, the images will then be compared to the images that were taken during simulation. All the much needed adjustments will then be made to the patient’s position and or to the radiation beams in order to correctly target the radiation at the tumor and not at the healthy surrounding tissue.

IGRT IMRT are used in order to treat the tumors that are in areas of the human body that are prone to regular movement like the prostate gland, lungs (which are affected by breathing in and out) and tumors that are located close to vital tissues and organs. The following may be used with IGRT IMRT: ” Computed tomography (CT) ” Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) ” Positron Emission Tomography (PET) ” Ultrasound (US) ” X-ray imaging

In order to keep the IGRT IMRT devices in peak performance, with Acceletronics, you can easily get access to highly experienced factory trained service personnel. Acceletronics also provides a 24/7 service support that can be accessed in different locations all across the United States for many other types of radiation oncology equipment. This includes the IGRT IMRT equipped linear accelerator devices and CT scans from the following manufacturers: ” GE ” Elekta ” Varian ” and Siemens

Acceletronics has been in the business of providing linear accelerator services for more than 27 years and are the largest owned employee owned independent linear accelerator company! This company has IMRT IGRT equipped linear accelerators and CT simulators to equip and also support any radiation oncology facility professionally and at an affordable price.

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