IMRT Radiation Therapy

IMRT radiation therapy (Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy) is a highly developed mode of high precision radiotherapy that is known to employ computer controlled linear accelerator device in order to deliver uniform radiation doses to malignant tumors or specific areas that are within the tumor.

IMRT radiation therapy equipment will need to be in good working condition if they are going to be used for treating cancer patients. The IMRT radiation therapy device will also require top quality parts to function well.

Acceletronics is your is your best bet when it comes to getting top notch parts and equipment for IMRT radiation therapy equipment such as linear accelerators.

Acceletronics offers superb quality low cost:

” Radiation oncology equipment service & installation

” Refurbished IMRT and IGRT equipped linear accelerator devices

” Refurbished CT simulators

” CT service

” and different types of treatment aids & Q.A. devices which include the Theraview EPID and KV Imager for IGRT.

IMRT radiation therapy device allows radiation doses to conform more correctly to the 3D (three dimensional) shape of the patient’s tumor by simply controlling the intensity of the radiation beams in numerous small volumes.

The IMRT radiation therapy device will also allow radiation doses to be focused at areas within the tumor without causing harm to the surrounding tissue. The treatment of patients is carefully planned by employing three dimensional CT (computed tomography) images of patients in combination with programmed dose calculations in order to establish the dose intensity pattern that will conform to the shape of the tumor. Generally, combing various intensity modulated fields emanating from different beam directions will end up producing a customized radiation dose that will maximise the tumor does while it also maximizes the dose to the surrounding normal tissues.

In order to keep the IMRT radiation therapy equipment in top condition, through Acceletronics, you can easily get access to highly experienced factory trained service reps. Acceletronics also provides a 24/7 service support that can be accessed in different location all across the United States for many types of radiation oncology equipment. This of course, includes the IMRT and IGRT equipped linear accelerator devices and CT scans from the following manufacturers:

” GE

” Elekta

” Varian

” and Siemens

Since the ratio of tumor dose to normal tissue dose is brought down to a minimum with the IMRT radiation therapy, a much higher and even more effective radiation dose can be safely delivered to cancerous tumors with fewer side effects in comparison to the traditional radiotherapy techniques.

Another really cool thing about the IMRT radiation therapy is that it reduces treatment toxicity, even when there is no increase in doses. IMRT radiation therapy does require a much longer daily treatment time and delivers fewer doses to larger areas of normal tissue than the traditional radiotherapy.

At present, IMRT radiation therapy is being employed in the treatment of cancers of the prostate, head and neck, and the central nervous system.

Acceletronics is indeed the go-to partner for IMRT radiation therapy device parts, servicing, pre-owned radiation oncology machine and refurbished linear accelerators configured for IMRT and IGRT.

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