Linear Accelerator Radiation Therapy

Whether you are expanding your existing oncology department or are building a new cancer treatment wing, you best bet is to look at the advantages to using linear accelerator radiation therapy for your patients. There are several advantages to using this type of treatment as compared to other, older methods of radiation therapy. There have been many advances to the oncology treatment services over the years and the linear accelerator can play a vital role in your new treatment center.

Many oncology departments use radiation treatments supplied by a Cobalt 60 system which creates radioactive particles that can be inserted into the area around the tumor. This radiation then kills the cancerous cells and they are pushed into a dormant state which is associated with the remission of the cancer. The problem with this system is that the radioactive particles also come into contact with healthy tissue and it is destroyed in the same process.

The advantage of linear accelerator radiation therapy is that it can target the tumor without affecting the surrounding tissue. This process makes the linear accelerator radiation therapy better on the patient and more effective in treating the specific cancer without the side effects of damaging the healthy tissue. The linear accelerator can also be used for other types of procedures such as 3D CRT, IMRT, IGRT and DART technology. It can take the place of the older x-ray machines and help you provide the best treatment possible for your patients.

It is important to use a reputable medical supply company that specializes in oncology systems and can provide both installation and maintenance for your new linear accelerator. Radiation therapy can be a delicate operation and using a reputable installer can make all of the difference when dealing with the safety of your patients and your employees. You should also use a company that can help you with the room planning, so that you can make sure the room will meet all of the safety requirements to house radioactive material.

Acceletronics is a reputable company that offers a wide range of oncology technology products. They offer complete project management assistance to help you build a room that will meet all OSHA standards so that you can perform your linear accelerator radiation therapy. They also offer a turnkey system for your linear accelerator so that you can lock the system to prevent unauthorized use and also help meet hospital safety requirements.

Acceletronics will also help with equipment storage and transport so that if you are building a new wing but already own a linear accelerator for radiation therapy, it can be safely moved to the new location. They will test the new equipment so that you are assured it is working correctly and assist with quality assurance so that there are no issues with safety certifications.

To find out more about the products and services offered by Acceletronics, visit them on the internet at or call one of their customer service representatives at 1-800-543-5144. They can also be contacted via email at

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